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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

At Rangu, we engineer software for drones, driving comprehensive solutions for environmental monitoring and public safety. Our mission is to partner with cities and institutions, harnessing data-driven insights to forge a cleaner, safer, and greener future.

Our Services

Public Safety

Software for efficient emergency response and crowd monitoring.

Heat Loss Detection

Data software identifying building energy inefficiencies.

Air Quality Monitoring

Software-driven insights for urban air quality enhancement.

City Planning

Planning software for sustainable urban development.

Our Approach

Data-Driven Solutions
We provide regular monitoring services to cities, institutions, and private companies through long-term contracts, ensuring continuous improvement and sustainability.
In-House Innovation
Our online platform is a testament to our commitment to in-house development, offering clients real-time access to monitoring results and analyses.
Collaborative Development
While we develop our software internally, we collaborate with leading drone companies to integrate the best in drone technology into our service offerings.

Our Partners

Group 303


Our partnership with UNEP amplifies our environmental impact on a global scale.

Group 247


Working with Denmark's Ministry of Environment, we align our sustainability efforts with national green initiatives.

Group 248

European Commission

The European Commission partnership enables us to integrate our services with EU-wide environmental strategies.

Group 246


Collaborating with DTU enriches our technological edge with leading scientific research and innovation.

Insights from the field

The number of people contributing to Rangu’s mission daily.
“Rangu's work is reshaping urban sustainability. Their software turns drone data into actionable insights, essential for our green future.”

Dr. Alex EriksenHead of Urban InnovationUnited Nations Environment Programme