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Heat Loss Detection

Pinpoint and address energy inefficiencies with precision using high-resolution drone technology to detect thermal losses in urban settings.

Enhancing Urban Efficiency

Precision Mapping

Leveraging advanced thermal imaging, our drones provide detailed maps that highlight areas of heat loss in buildings, enabling targeted interventions for energy efficiency.

Cost Reduction

By identifying heat leaks efficiently, our technology helps reduce heating costs and increases the energy sustainability of urban infrastructure.

Rapid Assessment

Quick and comprehensive scanning capabilities allow for the fast assessment of multiple structures, speeding up the process of energy audit campaigns and providing immediate actionable insights.

"Rangu's drone technology has transformed our building inspections at Civic Structures Inc. Their heat loss detection pinpointed inefficiencies quickly, slashing our costs."

Sarah Jensen, Chief Operations Officer, Civic Structures Inc.

Reduction in Average Detection Response Time

Explore Heat Loss Detection using drone technology

Municipalities transforming their communities with Rangu.

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